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Friday, February 22nd, 2002

Hello People!
This last week I had a good time. On wednesday my auntie Sofia found a new trail near my house, it was very fun, it was like a little forest and I had such a good time there!
Then she took me to petsmart for my training, but I didn't do very good, I barked at a little boy, it seem like that day, everyone decided to take their kids to Petsmart, and I wasn't very happy about it, little kids scare me when they scream and run, if they are gentle with me, I'm ok with them... auntie wasn't very happy,so she decided to take me home for the day and let me calm down.

Today I learned a new trick!! Roll over, Im not very good at it yet, since I just learned it, but I'm getting there!
All together I know, sit, stay, speak, give you five, lay down, play dead, roll over, come...
I think that's all for now, when I master the "roll over" auntie is going to teach me to stand in two legs and jump, this should be fun!
Mommy helped teaching me the roll over tick ;P

Tonight auntie took me to go potty outside, but it was raining so I got really wet,before I got into the house she picked me up and took me to the bathroom to rinse off the dirt and then she dry me with the hair dryer, I wasn't very happy with it, but at least I got to go out :)
Well, that's all for now! Auntie said that she wants to take me to the beach before I get a bath (I have to get a bath next week (Yuk!), she is going to try to take me on Saturday or Sunday! I hope she does! I love to swim! And I hope it doesn't get too cold either.
I'll let you know if she takes me! That's all for now!

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