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Friday, January 31st, 2003

Hi all!
Auntie has been so busy lately I haven't told you about my "outing" on Sunday!
Well, We went to the beach with my uncle Fede, his wife(Jamie), auntie and two of Jamie's Sister's dogs! Katie, a 10yr shih-tzu, and Andrew, he's about 7yrs he's a sheltie.
I was very very very very very good!! I was very comfortable around them, auntie rode in the back of the car with me, but I didn't care for the other doggies!!
On the way to the beach I laid beside Andrew and took a nap with him, and on the way back, auntie had Katie on her lap, but I didn't care as long as she was petting her, I even laid beside auntie, so close she was touching Katie and non of us minded:). I took a nice relaxing nap on the way back!
While we were at the beach, I wanted to play with Andrew, but I didn't know how and he wasn't in playing mood, that's too bad! It would have been fun!
Katie is the "playful" one, that's why auntie brought her, we mainly ignored each other, we sniffed at each other a couple of times, but nothing much happened!
Oh! When we went to picked them up, I went to the house and was very good (Jamie's sister's has 5 dogs).
All of the dogs were pretty nice with me, except for one who wanted to "play" bully and would follow me around and stare at me, sometimes even stand on my way and not letting me go through a door, that wasn't very nice of him, I didn't like it, I wanted to be with auntie.
We only fought one time and he started it, I think it is a "face" he is going through, since I knew him before, and he was very nice to me.
Oh well! Boys will be boys!! It's been a while since I saw them, so maybe he forgot about me!
They also have a few cats and one of them thinks he's a dog, hehe! His name is Patrick, auntie thinks he is so cute, he walks around like a dog, follows humans around like a dog, I like him a lot!
Unfortunately, auntie forgot the camera, so she couldn't take any pictures that day!
Also, they couldn't stay at my house when we came back because they had to go.
So now auntie wants to see how I react to a doggy in the house. All this talk about a puppy she wants to get....
Tomorrow is the grand opening of the doggy run! We are going to go see it!
Also, the obedience classes start on Feb. 11, auntie has to see if there's still a spot for me, she forgot about that!!!Silly auntie!
Well, that's all for now!
Have a nice weekend!

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