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Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

Wow! So many things had happened since I last wrote!
First of all I got a little cousin, well, she is not so little, even thought she is 7 months, she is twice as big as me!
Her name is Annie and she is a Pointer, you can meet her at her own website Click Here! She is a very naughty puppy, she came to live with us on July 19th, at the beginning I didn't like her at all! But now I've learned to live with her, although she isn't my friend, we respect each other and I show her who is the boss!
I don't like it when she takes my toys from my mouth, or eats my food, and I don't like it when she trips on me! She is very clumpsy!
Auntie says it is because she is a puppy, but I don't know about that!

Here are two pictures of Annie, one with me when she came to live with us (I wasn't too happy to pose for that picture), and another one of her now.

Another important thing that happened is that I graduated from my Basic Obedience class with flying colors! I loved the class, and auntie says I am very smart and she is proud of me, I even got a ribbon and best of all some yummy treats! And the night of my graduation auntie bought me a new toy!

On Halloween I went to a doggy party at my school, we had a costume contest and many fun games, I won a raffle!! A nice big basket with toys, treats and a cute little charm for my collar that says "Perfect Puppy"
I didn't win the costume contest, but auntie says I was the cutest in her heart, here's a picture of me on my costume

Also that month I had a birthday party of my friends from the park, Porthos and Logan! They both turned 1 year old!
It was a lot of fun! I got to eat yummy cake and play some games, we had a great time!

Here's my friend Logan last April!

I don't have a picture of Porthos, he is a beagle, and he's very nice too

Well, that's all for now! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, grandma is going to bake turkey and she said Annie and I are going to have some, yummy!

I'll tell auntie not to be lazy and post more on my journal!
Until next time!

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