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Monday, December 15th, 2003

We are near Christmas! It is so exciting!!
On Friday I went to a Christmas parade with auntie, grandma, mommy and Annie, at the beginning it was scary, all those noises and people! And the big trucks!! I was sheacking! They were about to take me home, but then I got used to it, and I layed on aunties or grandma's lap.
I wanted to get the candy they gave to the kids, but auntie said no no, I don't know why, I like it!
Annie got a piece of bubble gum, with paper and everything! But auntie took it out of her mouth.
And the best part, I saw Santa claus at the end!!
Yesterday I went to a Christmas party at my friend's Porthos' house, it was fun, I went with Annie and auntie, they gave me lots of treats and I even got to try a little piece of burger auntie was eating, yum!
The best part was at the end! We played secret Santa!
Well, that part wasn't fun for me because I had to stay outside all alone with all the doggies while the humans went inside and opened the presents! I hated being away from auntie, I barked and barked!
But the best part is when she gave me my presents! I got a reindeer squeeky toy, a rawhide with a shape of a candy cane, and treats! Annie got pigs ears, a big squeeky toy and a candy cane too! We both got stockings with a treat in it, and auntie said the treat is for xmas, it smells yummy! I can't wait, she hanged the stocking up high so Annie can't get to them.
I had a great time, and auntie says I was a very good girl!
Here are some pictures auntie took!

This is Lloyd on the left, that's one of Annie's best friends, he is a Scotish Terrier, they always play together, on the right is a picture of them playing

This is Lacy, the Jack Russell terrier, she was barking at a cat!

This is Porthos, those are the only good pictures auntie could take of him!

This is Logan the Pug.

This is Rudy she is a Miniature Pincher, she is very tiny.

Here I was trying to pose for auntie, notice Annie and Logan playing in the back, a few seconds later they decided to play where I was, so auntie couldn't take the nice picture she wanted! These puppies!

And here I am when we got home with the squeaky bone Annie got, I like it a lot!! Auntie is afraid Annie would brake it to she said we can share the reindeer and I will play with that one when Annie is sleeping!

That's all for now!
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