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Thursday, March 7th, 2002

Hello all!
Well, I'm sorry to say, I couldn't go to the beach, the weather got cold again, and when it's cold and I go swimming I get really cold, so auntie rather takes me when its warmer.
These days is not that bad, so maybe tomorrow, if auntie doesn't go to Busch Gardens, she'll take me :) We'll see!! Last week, mommy and auntie took me to my new vet.
They were so happy I liked the people there! I didn't bark at anyone and the vet didn't have to give me treats so I'd let her pet me. So mommy and specially auntie were very happy.
The vet. told them that my knees popped out of place, and they should keep an eye on me, put so far I'm not showing any signs of pain, which good :P
Another good thing is that I like doggies more now!!! I almost don't bark at them anymore! And I pull on the leash when I see one so I can go and say hello. I don't know how to play with the yet, but it's a good thing I'm getting along much better with them!
Today I met a little pup, he was only 12 weeks old, I was happy to meet him, but them I got a little crunky when he started jumping on me to play with me and I growled at him, then auntie started petting him and told me that he wasn't going to hurt me, so I wagged my tale at him one more time and we went our own ways. Then I went and chased the seagulls and run and run and run!
Grandma took me to the park in the morning, and auntie took me in the afternoon, and grandma and now Im going again! I love going to the park!
It's one of my favorite places in the world!
Well, that's all for now!!! Until next time!!

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