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Thursday, March 28th, 2002

Guess what?? My auntie finally took me to the beach! and what a fun day I had!
you can see pics of me swimming Click Here!
Then that same day, I went to see my friend Ruby the horse, first we weren't going to go to the horse trail, but I was so excited and I really wanted to go, so we ended up going! And I ran and ran and ran :) After all of that fun, I was really tired, but I had a blast!!
Today I might go to the horse trail again! I can't wait! Last time I went was last sunday, I went with Grandma and Mommy.

I'm making friends with Lizzy the parakeet. She is my auntie's, Lizzy bothers me sometimes, she chases me around the living room,and I don't like it cause I want to sleep.
But yesterday auntie was holding her, and I was looking, then Lizzy jumped on the floor and I made a play bow to her :P But she didn't really pay attention to me.
Auntie tought me that I can only chase the birdies outside, not Lizzy or Loui (Lizzy's boyfriend) Loui never bothers me, Lizzy is the one who wants to get into everything!
I like when auntie gives them yummy stuff, because Lizzy always drops something and I clean it up.
I always help auntie when she is feeding them, in case she drops something I can eat. :) Auntie says I'm such a good helper!
I love helping at the kitchen, specially when they are cooking, I make sure I clean up what they drop.
Well, thats all for now!

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