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Friday, August 2nd, 2002

Wow!!! I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote last!!!
Well, the most important thing that happened was my 5th birthday on April 23, and I had a blast! I went to the beach AND the horse trail, and auntie made me a really really yummy food, beef with veggies and rice, which I ate all! Yum!!

I'm not really friends with Lizzy but we learned to live with each other, the best thing is when Lizzy or Loui, drops something yummy and I get to clean it up!
Auntie said you can always tell when I've been around the cages looking for food, because I always get feather stuck on my nose *blush*
I can't remember everything I did since march, but I'll tell you a few things and what happened latley.
Now when I go to the horse trail, I usually get to swim on the lake thats at the end of it! And I LOVE it, I love to swim!!
Hurracaine season started on June, that means lots of rain (we don't get a lot of rain in the first months of the year, sometimes months go by without rain).
Anyway, but I don't like it when it rains, I hate to go potty on the wet grass! My humans always keep a newspaper on the floor at the laundry room for "emergencies", they dont think rain is an emergency, but I sure don't like it!
I dont like when my grandma waters the plants either, I always make sure I keep my distance in case the water decides to come on my way.
On another subject, auntie says she is so happy with how well I've been behaving around strangers, she hasn't been doing any particular training, but I'm not afraid of them as I was before, I still bark once in a while, but I've been making friends at the park which I now greet like long lost friends everytime I see them!
This past week I've met a 10 month old baby, which I was really courious about. Everytimes I meets a new baby I'm always courious about them, I've never barked at a baby, and even though I am a little afriad of those little usteady (walking wise) people, I usually like them, except when they pull my ear or are too rough with me, thats when I run away from them!
I also saw Ivy, the 6 year old my auntie babysits, I already knew her, but I was a little afraid of her. Well, now auntie sayd I greet her like a lady, and I even got to play with her and do a few tricks for her!
We just arrived from the park, it is so nice, the grass is reaaally green and nice, we played with a stick and practiced a little obedience.
Auntie wanted to see how I did a down stay while she got away from me a few feet, and she said I passed with flying colors!! And she didn't even teach me how to do it, I knew "down" and "stay" but I never did that of her getting away from me. Aren't I smart?
I also made a doggy friend today and I was a lady with him aswell.
Well, that's all for now! Until next time!

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