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Friday, August 4th, 2002

HI All!!
Today I had the most fun!! I went out with mommy and auntie Sofi. First we went to auntie's friend house, because she is taking care of their dogs while she is on vacation. I don't like the doggies so much because they are too big for me. But I do LOVE her backyard, it is really huge! And in the back they have a huge lake, I saw big big fish my auntie and mommy called them dolphins, they were pretty near us, but I was more interested in jumping in the water. I really wanted to swim, but mom and auntie said no, maybe tomorrow. I run lots in the backyard and did my business.
Then we went to see Ruby and I saw my human friend Stubby at the barn. I love him, he is so nice, I always run and bark of happiness when I see him!
After that mommy, auntie Ruby and I went to the horse trail, it was so HOT! But I love going there! I always run a lot, and I get really tired, but Im so happy when I go, and my humans always bring water so I can drink lots of it!
Now its only noon, but I'm so tired that I'll probably sleep a big nap! But I smell food so I better see if mommy or auntie have something to eat! Oh! And Grandma is coming back today!!! She went to Miami for work on friday and I really miss her when she goes away, I can't wait till she arrives! See you soon!!

Monday, August 5th, 2002

What a fun day I had today!! Mommy and auntie, a friend of theirs, and I went swimming!
Remember yesteday I told you about auntie taking care of her friend's dogs, and that she has a nice big lake right behind her backyard? Well, today I went swimming there! I had to much fun!!! We also went for a boat ride, and I loved it!!! After about an hour of fun, they took the boat out of the water and mommy, auntie and their friend got all excited about a weird big sort of fish they called a manatee. They were so happy since yesterday they saw dolphins and today they saw manatees, and they were only a few feet away from us. I wasn't paying much attencion to the manatees, I was busy doing my business and smelling all over the nice big backyard.
You can see pictures of that on the Gallery 4 on the Photo Gallery!

Today I was a little nicer to the dogs, but not very nice yet, I have to get used to them, they are so big and one of them won't leave me alone, auntie says he wants to play, but I like to have my space, and he doesn't seem to understand that, oh well, boys will be boys, right?
Well, I'm tired now, I'm going to go to bed.
Good night!

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