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Friday, August 10th, 2002

Hi all!! Yesterday was a beautiful day! Auntie and Grandma took me to the beach, and boy! Did I swim! The water was very nice! Neither cold nor hot, and the weather was beautiful.
There were other doggies swimming and I also saw a ferret, which auntie and grandma laughed at when they saw him swimming! Auntie took one of those inflatable beds for the water, she said it was for herself, but I liked it so much that I ended up using it!! I used it mainly to rest after swimming so much, and auntie and grandma helped me up.
After a long time of swimming I layed down there (auntie and grandma were also holding on to it) and I took a little nap, but I kept on the look out for doggies, which I like to watch from afar.
And I also watched the people walking by and many more things. It was really nice day! But, when we left it started raining a little bit (that's Florida, you never know what the weather will bring you!). I'm glad we left when we did! But I had a blast! I love the beach!
See you soon!

Tuesday, August 27th, 2002

Hello All!
Today I'm happy! I met sooooo many people! First auntie took me to pick up mommy somewhere, she was with the bike.
After that we stopped at a new Petsmart I've never been before, and boy! Was it fun! All those new smells! I made a doggy friend, and auntie was happy because it was a puppy girl and I liked her (something about her getting a little cousin in a few month, I don't know about that).
The best thing about Petsmart is that auntie bought me treats! Yumm! I love treats!
Auntie was so happy I was such a good girl at Petsmart she gave me one! Then we went to Ruby's barn, and I saw my human friend Stubby, I really like him he is so nice!!
I met 4 new people at the barn, at the beginning I barked a little at one of them, but they all gave me treats and I was fine,two of them have to leave but the other two stayed and they even got to pet me!
Then I came home really happy, and a couple of minutes after grandma and grandpa came with 3 strangers, and a dog, I made friends with all of them and was a very good girl. After that my neighbor, her granddaughter (a 1 yr old baby) and her daughter in law came to invite mommy and auntie to a birthday party and I said hi to all of them specially the baby! I like her as long as she isn't ruff with me!

I had a great day, and I just eat yummy chicken with veggies and my dog food.
Auntie started giving me yummy healthy stuff with my dog food, because I took a long time to eat the dog food alone and she wanted to give it a yummy taste for me, and I do love it!
Auntie said she is very proud of me because I was such a good girl with everyone today!
Thats all for now! Till next time!

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